Kamala CHANDRAKIRANA was our keynote speaker for the morning session. She is an independent expert on women’s human rights and an activist on a wide range of social justice issues. During the first decade of Indonesia’s post-authoritarian reform, she played a leading role building Indonesia’s national mechanism for women’s human rights as well as founding coalitions, initiatives and organizations on women’s rights, human rights, transitional justice, social justice, progressive Islam, poverty and democracy within civil society. From 2011 until 2017, Kamala was a member of the Working Group on the issue of discrimination against women in law and in practice, an independent reporting mechanism created by the UN Human Rights Council.

In her work, at national, regional and international levels, Kamala focuses on building coalitions and alliances, setting up public accountability systems, and developing innovative participatory research for rights-based advocacy. In all her areas of interest, she works through networks and strategies linking the local to national, regional and international levels of engagements.

Kamala is also an editor of the book "Transforming Humanity", where she reflects the life and the visionary writings of her father SOEDJATMOKO, one of the prominent intellectuals during the founding of the Indonesian Republic and during the tenure of President Sukarno.

Yuventius NICKY NURMAN was our keynote speaker for the afternoon session. He is currently working as the director at Alpha Research Database Indonesia. Nicky is an information and strategic communications professional. He leads the politics and law unit of Alpha Research Database Indonesia, an Indonesian boutique research and due diligence firm catering to global clientele. He has advised leaders of Fortune 50 companies, as well as ministerial level officials in Indonesia. Among his recent portfolio is providing strategic advise for the creation of Harmoni Indonesia 2018, which is a part of a nation-wide campaign for the empowerment of culture and practical education targeting Indonesian youths. Nicky also provides strategic advise to Indonesia's Presidential Advisory Board's Working Group for Tolerance.