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Prof. Dr. Uwe Sielert and Widya Puspitasari (our organizing team)
Prof. Dr. Uwe Sielert and Widya Puspitasari (our organizing team)

29 August 2018 Prof. Dr. Uwe Sielert (Kiel) has sent greetings to the Symposium Future Indonesia today. Three years ago, Prof. Sielert supported the German-Indonesia Academic Dialogue on Diversity at Christian Albrechts University Kiel. The dialogue marked the start of an international cooperation which led to the formation of the Research Network Future Indonesia. The Research Network Future Indonesia is largely anchored in Schleswig-Holstein. This is not surprising as Prof. Sielert said that "the 'real north' has a long scientific tradition of research and teaching on culture of democracy and peaceful coexistence in diversity, both on theoretical and practical level, such as for educational institutions". His full statement will be presented on the conference on 14 September in Berlin.


17 August 2018 - Ahead of the Symposium Future Indonesia, our team Widya, Zaki and Dr. Behrens visited the "Bündnis Eine Welt" (BEI, One World Alliance) for Schleswig-Holstein. BEI is the umbrella organization of the development of grass-root initiatives for Germany in Kiel.  BEI was interested in learning about recent social and political developments in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the team learned an insight into the BEI's strategies and practical experiences among others their efforts to promote more sustainable economic approaches. Thank you to the BEI staff and activists for an interesting exchange!


8 August 2018 - Our interns, Widya and Zaki, have arrived in Berlin.  Accompanied by Dr. Christoph Behrens, one of the speakers of the Research Network, they did a tour in the German Federal Parliament -the Bundestag.  Highlights: a visit to the office of an MP; a look into the Plenary; and getting in to the famous glass dome that is covering the plenary hall which was designed by a British Architect Sir Norman Foster. In the up coming weeks, Widya and Zaki will support us in the organization of the SYMPOSIUM FUTURE INDONESIA, which will take place in Berlin's government district. More information on the conference is available here.


26 Jul 2018 - The organizing team of the Symposium FUTURE INDONESIA has visited location of the event at the Representation of the State of Schleswig-Holstein in Berlin. The team held a meeting to review the status of the preparations. Registration for participants will start on 14 August 2018. Details of the program and further information can be obtained by sending a request email to: