The morning session focused on the changing self concept of the Indonesian Republic. Started with a keynote by Kamala CHANDRAKIRANA, the understanding of Bhineka Tunggal Ika and the constitutional principles were summarized, its outcome for the people of Indonesia and for the international discourse on democracy and diversity reflected. The agendas to re-negotiate the foundation of Indonesia's Staatswerdung and their agents, constraints and conflicts, public discourse and political competition on a new narrative about Indonesian-ness were in the focus of Anwar KHOLID, Dina DIANA and Wulan WIDYASARI. Their inputs were based on their ongoing PhD projects on development and social change, tensions between religions/tradition and modernity, struggles between majorities and minorities, and on the role of globalization and social media.

In the afternoon session, Yuventius NICKY NURMAN contributed as second keynote his analysis on current trends on Indonesian political landscape, including an outlook on possible political scenarios after the 2019 elections. Rahmawati HUSEIN, Britta THEGE and Christoph BEHRENS went into a deeper analysis of experiences with capacity development in the field of governance, and of the struggle of Indonesia's young generation with their educational system. They offered their view on the ability of political and social sub systems to develop, and outline scenarios for a future of Indonesia. Their inputs were based on practical experiences with reform projects they designed and implemented since the start of democratization in 1998.

The afternoon was completed with a panel of representatives of the German political foundations for Indonesia. They commented on the inputs from our speakers and added their respective assessment on the key challenges for Indonesia's future.

It was our pleasure to announce that Gyde JENSEN, member of the German Parliament (Bundestag) and Chair of the parliamentary committee for human rights delivered welcome remarks to the conference.

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